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FINALLY! After years of planning 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 ..we present ..



We are proud and excited to announce the launch of our wonderful new ORGANIC FARMING initiative starting in Bedugal North Bali! A collaboration of Bali farmers, tech gurus and Balis best organic specialists ..THAT WILL REVOLUTIONIZE the way Bali grows and delivers produce…We invite you to join and follow our incredible organic Journey !!
It’s a New Day and a new way for Bali

Follow us online or Visit our farms, join, learn and sample all that we’re growing in the beautiful mountainous lakeside region of Bedugul. We want you to join our organic family..

It starts with the soil ..for too long toxic pesticides and overuse of the land, like much of the planet, have rendered the soil that Bali farms void and empty of any nutrients.. We are bringing back the Raw health of nature with our New organic efforts in our pilot program in Bedugul Bali by utilizing some of Bali’s ancient fertilizer wisdom. We have developed tinctures that completely revitalize soil life even in the worst conditions bringing back the soil microbes who create the nutrients necessary to make incredibly tasty produce.

Everything we do with our farming efforts puts nature first with a mindset for life and diversity. After restoring the land and soil by fertilizing with our pure organic compost methods, we let the Raw power of nature take the wheel. We don’t till, we don’t spray, we don’t weed, what we do is work together with the land as an ecosystem, by simply sowing seeds and partaking of the abundance nature provides. When we let go of our need to control and remove our hindrance the natural system our lives become much easier and our food becomes much healthier.

Everything we do with our farming efforts puts nature first. . With the Balinese understanding of Tri Hita Karana, we allow the forces of Humanity, Nature, and the universal energies to bring back food that was truly meant for human consumption.

We are committed not just to growing the Rawesome food you need to be happy and healthy but also to keeping Bali clean. The entire process of getting the food from the soil to your plates is done so with zero waste, avoiding plastic pollution at every step of the journey. With In The Raw Organic Farms we are flipping the destructive agricultural industrial complex completely around and making farming a vehicle for healing the planet we depend on for our survival. It’s nature who grows the food not us and when farming remembers that, then healing the earth and enjoying an abundance of food happens simultaneously.

As we go forward we will be launching an app that participating restaurants,hotels , retailers and you will be able to use and will be CERTIFIED as participants in the organic program, guaranteeing that the foods, juices and goods you consume are truly organic.

We look forward to you joining and experiencing this wonderful organic experience 🙏🏻

The In the raw organic farms and produce team 🙏🏻

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“In the raw organic farms and produce “ Part 1 - Preparing the soil