Mark Baker and CI-5 Inc. have been at the forefront of International night life and lifestyle trends for over 30 years. Based in New York City and Bali,Mark Baker and CI-5 Inc. have owned and operated some of the world’s leading and most prestigious restaurants, clubs, lounges and supper clubs as well as producing International events at film festivals, fashion weeks, grand prix races and producing and hosting TV lifestyle content. Mark co-founded the infamous organic food and Juice chain “Juice Press” and is credited as a leader and originator of the cold pressed juice movement.

Bakers illustrious life started on the tough streets of Brighton England where at 9 he joined chipper fields circus and started traveling with the show around England ..after some brief attempts at schooling Mark discovered skateboarding and at 16 went on to be one of the worlds most infamous and leading vertical skaters, world speed record holder and all round radical skaters. After traveling the world skating ,mark landed in New York where the excitement and allure of a 24-7 city was a perfect environment for his insatiable appetite for life.Working his way from debt collector, waiter and party promoter to the “Godfather”of nightlife Bakers life story is simply inspirational.

His International social and business network is unrivalled and the name “Godfather” of New York nightlife explains much about his life and his competitive and go getting attitude..’ “no is not an option “.

His relationships with celebrities, supermodels, business and political leaders , good guys and bad guys, fashion personalities as well as the national and International media is unique as shown in the press book portfolio, everything Baker does makes news.

After 30 years in New York City, Mark Baker has shifted his base of operations to Bali , where he lives with his Wolfdog Merlin ,to focus his attentions in the Asia Region. Mark is developing new and exciting “lifestyle” brands as well as consulting for existing U.S and western “name” brands that currently operate in the Western markets. His ‘hands on’ and personal approach is key to his success, by forming strategic partnerships in Asia and utilizing his relationships and friendships from 30 years in the hospitality business worldwide, these brands are now exploding in the sometimes difficult to navigate Asian marketplaces

By forging partnerships with top local operators the group grows in strength and gains better understanding of local trends as well as subtle cultural differences and market changes. “We are excited to make the next chapter in Asia,” says Baker, “and to build bridges between my friends, associates and businesses in New York  and the West and the exciting new Asian markets, it’s the logical next step as Asia has the style, sophistication and ability to compliment our western venues and brands, these are exciting times .”

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