Double Seven

The double seven, New York’s hottest lounge club catered to the Fashion, Art and Film communities. Every night is like the Oscars.

Juice Press

New York’s legendary founder of the Cold Pressed Juice movement worldwide, probably the world’s best juice and healthy food centers.


New York most outrageous supper club.


New York’s and Possibly the World’s most famous venue since Studio 54. Dominated the Nightlife scene for 8 years. The first “supper club” in New York and home to every celebrity imaginable.

Liberty Theater

The Liberty Theater reinvented New York Nightlife by incorporating performance art and the World’s top DJ’s into spectacular nights of fantasy and extravaganza. Housed in a 100 year theater, in Time square, Famous in it day for its Broadway shows and performances, The Liberty Theater hosted some of New York’s most famous parties and events with the best sound system in the country.





The infamous Life Nightclub was where the new generation of Nightlife leaders got their schooling… The School of Life, Directors Steve Lewis and Mark Baker made this New York’s Hottest celebrity hangout.

Townhouse Bali

A five story luxury entertainment complex  that revolutionized Bali night life and raised the bar of nightlife chic and design.




The home away from home restaurant and hangout for New York’s Hottest crowd including JFK and El McPherson, Robert De Niro and many others.

Budha Bar

The Original Buddha Bar was New York’s sexiest and coolest downtown lounge club where Madonna and her friends made home.

Green House

GREENHOUSE is New York’s Premiere nightlife destination and first eco-friendly nightclub. A bi-level 6,000.  The R&B Hip hop community made this their home.

Metro CC

The Elm